Belly Fat Reduction – How to Achieve a Flatter Abdomen

You may call it love handles, but belly fat is unsightly and even dangerous to your health. Extra fat around your abdomen increases the risk of heart disease. This subcutaneous fat is particularly difficult to get rid of. Many people find that most of their excess fat goes around the abdominal area. While it requires a lot of hard work, belly reduction is possible and you can achieve a flatter belly with discipline and patience.

Diet pills and potions flood the market along with weight reducing programs. There are many misconceptions surrounding the effective reduction of belly fat, leaving many people confused. The truth is, you cannot lose belly fat by doing only sit-ups or crunches. Spot reducing does not work. By combining a healthy diet with two types of exercise, you can effectively reduce belly fat. Sit-ups and crunches strengthen your abdominal muscles and your abdomen area will appear flatter.

Here are some effective measures that will get rid of belly fat:

  1. Healthy Meals. Eat lots of vegetables, fruits and whole grain cereals. Choose lean protein. Avoid highly processed foods.
  2. Cardiovascular Exercise. Biking, walking, jogging and swimming are great cardio exercises. Even a daily 30-minute walk will help reduce overall body fat, including fat in the belly area.
  3. Strength Training. That’s right. Lifting weights can help reduce belly fat. Muscles burn more calories but take up less space. With more muscle mass, you will burn more calories even while just sitting around. This extra fat burning power will help you get rid of belly fat more effectively.

You can use abdominal fat with a healthy diet and regular exercise. The fastest way to burn extra fat not only from your belly but all over the body is with a combination of aerobic and strength training exercises. Besides, variety in your workout will prevent boredom and motivate you to achieve your goal.

How did you get fat around the middle in the first place? Usually, an uncontrolled diet and lack of exercise is the cause of belly fat. Do not keep junk food around the house. Most junk foods are high in sugar, refined carbohydrates, fat and sodium. They raise blood sugar levels and make you crave for more. Get rid of cookies, chips, doughnuts, white bread and cakes. Opt for good carbohydrates found in whole grain cereals and fruits.

It may come as a surprise but excess alcohol consumption can lead to a fat belly. They do not call it a beer belly for nothing. One gram of alcohol contains 7 calories and no nutrients.

Whole grain cereals contain plenty of fiber. They have been proven to help burn fat around the abdomen and prevent fat from accumulating in the belly area. Oats and whole wheat are best for a flat belly.

You can reduce belly fat with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Above all, be patient. You didn’t grow a fat belly overnight so don’t expect to get rid of it in a day.

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